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Persecuted and Forgotten?


 A report on Christians oppressed for their Faith 2013-2015

Published 13th October 2015

Christians – already the world's most persecuted faith – are suffering worse persecution, violence and intimidation.

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In 20 of the 30 countries assessed, the situation has worsened since 2011. In others where the problems were already extreme, there has been little or no change. In some countries Christianity now risks being wiped out, and oppression and exodus threaten Christianity's status as a worldwide religion.

On these pages you can see, at a glance, the key findings of our new Persecuted and Forgotten? report, as well as browsing our detailed country profiles and incident reports in more depth.

Watch and listen

  • Watch: Syria: Urgent Help Needed For Refugees

  • Watch: Offering help to Syria

  • In Pictures: Buildings damaged during the attack on Sadad, Syria

  • In Pictures: Attack on St Theodoros Church, Sadad, Syria

  • In Pictures: Requiescant in pace Martyrs

  • In Pictures: Requiescant in pace

Top stories

The human face of Christian persecution, Syria

Findings of our religious freedom report

Christians are coming under fire for their faith like never before.

The human face of Christian persecution, Syria

Persecuted but Never Forgotten

ACN's summary publication on worldwide persecution of Christians

The Virgin Mary Church in Imbaba, Cairo in Egypt, is consumed by fire. Photo: copyright LUSA/EPA

Persecution at a glance

The key findings of our report on persecution in 30 countries of concern.

A map of the 30 countries where persecution of Christians is of most concern

Persecution mapped out

A snapshot of where persecution is worsening for Christians.

Nigeria: 28-year-old Lucy Unyi, a victim of the St Theresa\

Key stories of persecution

Meet the brave Christians who have stood up for their faith.


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Persecuted and Forgotten?