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News from the suffering Church around the world, sourced from Aid to the Church in Need's extensive network of contacts in more than 130 countries.

Please help us raise awareness of the plight of Christians by sharing our news stories on your social media networks and in your parish and community. We are generally happy to give permission for our news stories to be reproduced in publications and on websites, provided Aid to the Church in Need is credited as the source, and the usage does not breach our copyright. You can find out more about our articles by contacting our Press Office.
Iraqir refugees who hqve sought shelter at St Joseph's Church, Ankawa, Erbil.

Iraqir refugees who hqve sought shelter at St Joseph's Church, Ankawa, Erbil.

August 2014

IRAQ: ACN team reports scenes of suffering
15 August 2014
ACN delegation visits displaced communities, offering help and hope, and reveals the situation of those who have fled their homes in the Kurdish region's outlying villages.

IRAQ: Patriarch says, "Act now before it's too late"
13 August 2014
Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako of Baghdad said that if US and EU do not drive jihadist forces from the Nineveh plains they must "take responsibility [for] a slow genocide of an entire component of Iraqi society and its age-old culture."

IRAQ: Charity gives emergency help as crisis deepens
11 August 2014
As the leader of Iraq's Catholics warned that Churches are struggling to cope with rising numbers of refugees ACN has provided emergency help for displaced families.

IRAQ: Christians facing "a real genocide"
7 August 2014
After thousands of Christians fled Qaraqosh as it fell to ISIS, the Patriarch of Babylon made an urgent appeal for help to the international community.

ISRAEL & PALESTINE: An urgent plea from Gaza, "We need aid more than ever"
6 August 2014
Aid to the Church indeed announced an aid package assisting Church institutions helping those injured during the recent conflict in Gaza, regardless of their religion.

IRAQ: World-wide prayer for the peace
5 August 2014
Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako has joined with Aid to the Church in Need in calling for a day of prayer for Iraq on the feast of the Transfiguration.

IRAQ: New gains for ISIS
4 August 2014
ISIS fighters took control of an area to the north west of Mosul, near the border with Syria following prolonged fighting with Kurdish forces.

July 2014

UNITED KINGDOM: Cameron must act to save Iraqi Christians
28 July 2014
Charity leader criticises UK government as crisis for Christians deepens

IRAQ: Archbishops call on the world to help stop the destruction
23 July 2014
The Archbishops representing Mosul's different Christian denominations have made an dramatic appeal to the outside world for more outside help for minorities hit by Islamist extremists.

UNITED KINGDOM: Stand in solidarity outside Parliament for Iraqi Christians says charity head
21 July 2014
Following reports of Christians in Mosul being told to leave their homes or accept hard-line Islamic rule, ACN (UK)'s national director calls on people to show solidarity in a demonstration outside London's Houses of Parliament.

BANGLADESH: Church rocked by vicious attack on nuns
15 July 2014
Bishop Sebastian Tudu has condemned a violent nocturnal attack on Sisters in his diocese, working with the poorest sections of society.

IRAQ: EU warned of end of Christianity in country
14 July 2014
Iraq's Christian leaders expressed fears to senior EU politicians that ongoing violence and conflict is hastening the end of nearly 2,000 years of Christianity in the country.

UNITED KINGDOM: Helping Syria in the long run
13 July 2014
Aid to the Church in Need staff and supporters put on their running shoes for the British 10k London race to raise more than 6,000 pounds for Syrian refugees.

SUDAN: More Christians in Sudan at risk, says bishop
11 July 2014
Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro warned that more Sudanese Christians could suffer severe violations of human rights, like Mariam Ibrahim, describing how Christians' legal protections have been stripped.

UNITED KINGDOM: Running London 10k for Syria's refugees
3 July 2014
Aid to the Church in Need staff and supporters are getting ready to race through the streets of London to help Syrian refugees by taking part in the British 10k London Run.

IRAQ: Christian exodus from the country accelerating
2 July 2014
Describing the large numbers of Christians leaving for the community, Patriarch Raphael I of Baghdad said: "We are losing our community. If Christian life in Iraq comes to an end, this will be a hiatus in our history."

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