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News from the suffering Church around the world, sourced from Aid to the Church in Need's extensive network of contacts in more than 140 countries.

Please help us raise awareness of the plight of Christians by sharing our news stories on your social media networks and in your parish and community. We are generally happy to give permission for our news stories to be reproduced in publications and on websites, provided Aid to the Church in Need is credited as the source, and the usage does not breach our copyright. You can find out more about our articles by contacting our Press Office.
Chaldean Patriarch Raphael I Sako hopes Christians will return to their homes soon

Chaldean Patriarch Raphael I Sako hopes Christians will return to their homes soon

September 2016

SYRIA/PAKISTAN: Nun on Aleppo's front line
16 September 2016
At ACN (UK) events benefactors will hear first-hand testimony from a Sister from Syria who is working with families in the besieged city of Aleppo.

IRAQ: MPs witness suffering of Iraqi refugee families
12 September 2016
MPs joined ACN on its September project trip visiting refugees in northern Iraq, who are being cared for by the Church

UK/SYRIA: ACN announces record aid payments of more than 1.2 million
8 September 2016
ACN UK reveals support for 147 projects this August including help for 650 infants in Syria.

August 2016

SYRIA: Stop extremists entering Europe
30 August 2016
The Syrian leader of ancient Eastern-rite Church called for action to be taken to tackle the Islamist threat to Europe.

SYRIA: Feeding the 7,500
12 August 2016
A priest working in Aleppo has described how the Church is continuing to provide help for those left in city.

SYRIA: Carmelites remain amid Aleppo's bombs
5 August 2016
As fierce bombardment continues in Aleppo, a Carmelite nun whose convent is at the centre of the fighting, says the nuns are determined to stay and help those afflicted by the war.

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