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News from the suffering Church around the world, sourced from Aid to the Church in Need's extensive network of contacts in more than 130 countries.

Please help us raise awareness of the plight of Christians by sharing our news stories on your social media networks and in your parish and community. We are generally happy to give permission for our news stories to be reproduced in publications and on websites, provided Aid to the Church in Need is credited as the source, and the usage does not breach our copyright. You can find out more about our articles by contacting our Press Office.
Melkite Greek-Catholic Patriarch Gregorios III surrounded by school children in Damascus in happier times before the bomb blast.

Melkite Greek-Catholic Patriarch Gregorios III surrounded by school children in Damascus in happier times before the bomb blast.

April 2014

UNITED KINGDOM: Will anyone stand up for persecuted Christians?
11 April 2014
Catholic peer David Alton accused the West of indifference towards the fate of the world's persecuted Christians.

SYRIA: Priest helping displaced shot dead
7 April 2014
Dutch Jesuit Fr Frans van der Lugt was shot dead in Homs Old City. He was looking after Christian families who were still trapped in that part of the town.

ISRAEL: Marian Shrine vandalised ahead of Pope's visit
4 April 2014
The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal denounced offensive graffiti scrawled at a Marian shrine, saying it was not a proper way to receive Pope Francis.

March 2014

UKRAINE: Suffering people in Crimea receive ACN help
24 March 2014
Hundreds of poverty-stricken and displaced families in Crimea are to receive emergency help from Aid to the Church in Need.

NIGERIA: Mass of courage: Testimony of faith in city under attack
17 March 2014
More than 2,000 people in northern Nigeria risked their lives by turning out for Sunday Mass while their city was being bombed.

SYRIA: A new 'calm' draws Christians to Homs
17 March 2014
Hundreds of Christian families determined to stay in Syria have - according to their bishop - moved to Homs, close to where some of the conflict's worst violence has taken place.

SOUTH SUDAN: We have lost everything
13 March 2014
Entire swathes of a region in South Sudan have been abandoned by the local people who - according to their Church leader - have fled for their lives following a brutal attack carried out during a so-called ceasefire.

MEXICO & SOUTH KOREA: ACN is reaching out to new friends and benefactors
11 March 2014
Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need will open new offices in Mexico and South Korea later this year.

SYRIA: Kidnapped nuns set free
10 March 2014
TWELVE nuns kidnapped by Jihadists in Syria last December were set free yesterday (Sunday, 9 March).

NIGERIA: Cruelty and compassion as extremists set school ablaze
3 March 2014
Sisters, staff and pupils in northern Nigeria narrowly avoid violence and death after Jihadist extremists set fire to a Catholic school.

February 2014

SOUTH SUDAN: Threat of famine as fighting continues
14 February 2014
Monsignor Roko Taban Mousa said that people are on the edge of starvation, because of continuing conflict, and warned worse could come.

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