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Egypt report with Syria update: Compassion and the Cross Image

Egypt report with Syria update: Compassion and the Cross

Author: John Pontifex
Document type: Reports

"The suffering of the Church in Egypt is increasing."

Bishop Youssef Aboul-Kheir's words underline the stark reality for Christians in Egypt. With extremist attacks against Christians escalating, there is a real fear that the Arab Spring is fast turning to winter for the faithful here.

But Church leaders have also highlighted reasons for hope – for instance the strength of faith in young people, who you are helping with summer camps teaching them about their beliefs and about inter-faith relations.

As well as underlining the important role you are playing in helping the faithful in Egypt, this report features an update on the latest emergency help we have provided for refugees fleeing from conflict in Syria.


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Building churches - Egypt - Extremism - Inter-faith relations - Melkite Greek Patriarch Gregorios III Laham of Antioch - Pastoral aid - Syria - War and conflict

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