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PAKISTAN: Catholic seminary in Karachi Image

PAKISTAN: Catholic seminary in Karachi

Category: Mass stipends and subsistence aid

In many developing countries in the world priests earn very little and are often almost completely dependent on Mass stipends from abroad.

Above all, those priests teaching in seminaries – training the future shepherds of the Church and giving them a solid academic formation and human and spiritual support – do not have a parish to minister to and therefore lack even the support of the ordinary Catholic faithful.

Mass stipends for three priests teaching at the Catholic seminary in Karachi, Pakistan

In order to support these priests in their service, and as an expression of their gratitude, the Catholic faithful have since the earliest Christian times given them Mass offerings – in other words, they have asked the priest to celebrate Holy Mass for a particular intention and in return given him money or another small gift in kind.

In no sense is this a matter of “paying” for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, but rather of showing that we, as Christians, wish to thank and support those who bring Christ to us.

In Pakistan, for example, where Christians make up only a small and beleagured minority. In the 18-million-strong city of Karachi, which is racked by violence, there are 40 young men currently studying for the priesthood at the seminary of Christ the King.

Three of the priests teaching at this seminary devote themselves full-time to the formation of these future priests and thus have no parish to support them.

The rector of the seminary, Father Benjamin Shazad, has turned to ACN to ask for Mass stipends, especially for the support of these priests.

Your gift can help these priests continue to teach and form Pakistan’s priests of tomorrow; ensuring that whatever hardships and sufferings may beset the people of Pakistan, they will always receive spiritual strength through the sacraments.

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