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UKRAINE: The priests in Ukraine thank you for your Mass offerings  Image

UKRAINE: The priests in Ukraine thank you for your Mass offerings

Category: Mass stipends and subsistence aid

“There are physical and spiritual wounds… In the Church we are trying to create programmes. We have applied to Aid to the Church in Need for help.” Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, Head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church

Why are Mass offerings important?

Mass Stipend support poor priests in the world help bring Christ to those who hunger for God in difficult circumstances.

How do Mass offerings help support priests?

  • Mass offerings provide priests with the basics of their ministry - including food, clothes, transport and resources to help reach out to the sick and the poverty-stricken.
  •  Mass offerings can also help spiritual retreat or seminary professors to buy much-needed teaching materials and vocational training for the young.

Mass offerings in Ukraine

In the political and economic crisis of recent times, where violence flares up from time to time priests in Ukraine are faced with a challenge to care for the faithful.

The Catholic University in Lviv and its priests are involved in different ways of supporting soldiers and refugees.

“The priests visit the wounded in the military hospital in Lviv; they pray and celebrate Holy Mass with them, support their relatives, organise and coordinate the collection of medicines, clothes and articles of hygiene…" Father Bogdan Prakh, Rector of the University

How you have helped so far?

Before the fall of communism, there were barely 300 priests in the Ukrainian-Catholic Church, with an average age of 70.

Today there are 3,000 priests, with an average age of 38. Thanks to your generosity, every one of those priests was helped through their seminary studies by Aid to the Church in Need.

How can I help?

You can help provide Mass offerings to the Ukrainian priests by gifting as little as £5-£10.

Your generosity will help the priests continue their pastoral and spiritual support.

“There are a huge number of refuges. We need to care for them and for those who have been injured…” Major Archbishop Schevchuk

In turn, the priests will celebrate Holy Mass for your intentions.

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