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RUSSIA: Novogrod witnessing to the undivided church Image

RUSSIA: Novogrod witnessing to the undivided church

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As we reached Novgorod with our Russian colleague we realised what an auspicious time it was – exactly 20 years ago Fr Werenfried came here to meet with Russian Orthodox Archbishop (now Metropolitan) Lev, beginning ACN's co-operation and work supporting the Russian Orthodox.

We meet Fr Grigory Miknov- Vaitenko. His father was the dissident Alexander Galich who was expelled from the Soviet Union and went to France, where he died in a mysterious explosion. Fr Grigory was only ordained three years ago, before then he worked in Christian media.

Thanks to your generosity, ACN has helped Blagovest Media produce documentaries promoting dialogue between Catholics and Orthodox. Every year you help cover Blagovest's running costs, meaning films about saints from before the 1054 schism between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches can help overcome ignorance of, and prejudice between, the Churches. Looking round Novgorod it is amazing to learn the history of early Christianity here, that of the undivided Church – as Novgorod was founded in 859 AD. For ACN, this puts a whole new perspective on Christianity in Russia; seeing Norman arches and Celtic crosses on the eclectic and eccentric churches links back to the early Christians.

Perhaps we can rediscover a Novgorod Christianity – of the undivided Church. As Pope John XXIII, who called the Second Vatican Council, said: "What separates us as believers in Christ is much less than what unites us." 

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