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BURMA: Growing bananas to support Sisters' work Image

BURMA: Growing bananas to support Sisters' work

Category: Mass stipends and subsistence aid

Working with the poor is a priority for Sister Rosalie and the St Francis Xavier Sisters in west Burma's Pathein Diocese. But they needed a means of income to support their work, as local Catholics are very poor. Thanks to you, we have helped the Sisters start growing bananas to sell to generate income. 

Sister Rosalie told us: "Many people here are living from hand to mouth, finding difficulty for their daily living. We are truly grateful to all of you for your tremendous assistance... It has been a great help and a real source of encouragement to us in the missions... God bless our benefactors." 

The Sisters' are also carrying out other vital pastoral tasks include teaching catechesis, running a guest house and organising a playschool.

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