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SYRIA: Help for refugee families in Aleppo Image

SYRIA: Help for refugee families in Aleppo

Category: Emergency aid for refugees and disaster victims

As civil war rages in Syria, families in Aleppo have been left with no jobs, facing extortionate prices for food and goods and with only the merest help to survive.

With your help, Sister Annie is continuing the work begun by Fr Jules Baghdassarian – who died suddenly of a heart attack in November 2012 – helping these families to survive. But she desperately needs more funds. 

Sister Annie told us: "The number of families who need help has reached 186... These families do not get any help except a small food package each month which is hardly sufficient for a couple of days."

Unemployment is rife as factories close. Those that weren't destroyed or raided have shut down as their owners fled – and the price of goods has rocketed. "Despite the dramatically difficult situation, people still do not want to leave their homes," said Sister Annie.

Others have arrived from parts of Aleppo devastated by fierce fighting and Sister Annie explained: "We help some families to find housing and to pay rent because they have lost everything and have no money with them in order to buy food."

With your help, we have provided £76,500 to cover their basic needs – rent, food and other essentials – for three months.

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