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TANZANIA: A vehicle for the seminary in Ntungamo Image

TANZANIA: A vehicle for the seminary in Ntungamo

Category: Transport for priests and Sisters

It is a wonder that the land cruiser at St Anthony's seminary in Ntungamo is still in service. It is 19 years old, and the appalling road conditions have taken their toll, with this ancient vehicle now guzzling a great deal of fuel, is increasingly unreliable and is becoming risky to drive.

One story underlines the dual role this delapidated old bvehicle plays. It is night and once again someone is knocking on the door of Saint Anthony's seminary in Ntungamo. A woman is in labour, and there are complications - a matter of life and death. She urgently needs to go to hospital and the seminary owns the only vehicle in the area.

Staff and seminarians pray that everything will go well again this time and that the car will not break down on the way. The Land cruiser is 19 years old and given the appalling road conditions, it is a wonder that it is still in service.

The vehicle is used for the seminary but often, as in this story, doubles as an ambulance – the nearest town with a hospital is 4 miles away. The seminary works with the local population, who live in extreme poverty and need. If priests, sisters and students at the seminary were not there to help them, then nobody would.

That is why Aid to the Church in Need has promised a new one. In remote communities around the world, 4 x 4 vehicles are a vital resource. Can you help towards providing these essential tools of charity?


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