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How can my gift help?

Carrying the Cross in Iran: Your gift, however small, can make a big difference to the lives of persecuted and suffering Christians. Photo: Aid to the Church in Need

Carrying the Cross in Iran: Your gift, however small, can make a big difference to the lives of persecuted and suffering Christians

Big or small, your gift will make a real difference to persecuted and suffering Christians around the world.

Each year we help more than 5,000 projects worldwide – but the needs are still greater, and every year there are thousands of requests for aid that we are not able to support. Every gift we receive helps us to make more promises of love.

Here are just a few examples of how you can make a difference with your gift – and don't forget, if you would like to support our work as a gift for a loved one, you can make a Gift of Faith!

£5 – Support a poor priest with a Mass offering

You can send a Mass stipend to a poor priest around the world, helping him with his daily living costs for food and clothes as he ministers to his parish community. He will celebrate Holy Mass for your intentions.

£25 – Help give a child a Christian education

You can help provide Christian education for children living in grinding poverty. As well as unlocking their potential and providing life-changing opportunities, you will enable the Faith to be passed onto future generations.

£60 – Provide transport for a priest or Sister

Why not help spread the Faith by enabling priests and Sisters to travel thousands of miles to reach out our to their scattered flocks. Your gift could buy a bike, or go towards providing a moped, a motor for a boat or even a horse or donkey!

£60 – Emergency aid for Christians in crisis

Our focus is on the pastoral needs of the Church. However, in times of crisis we use trusted Church leaders to supply emergency aid like food, blankets and medicine for refugees who find themselves homeless and unable to provide for themselves.

£100 – Sustain a Sister in her mission

You could help support a Sister in her mission to bring Christ's charity to the vulnerable and needy, or provide help with basic essentials for a contemplative Sister as she devotes herself to praying for the spiritual needs of the world.

£250 – Help build a church or chapel

Would you like to provide the faithful with a place of worhsip? For Christians living in the midst of persecution, having a church for prayer and Mass is a real symbol of hope.

£500 – Train a seminarian to become a priest

You could help a seminarian to study for one year. Many young seminarians are willing to defy persecution and poverty to become priests. We support 15,000 seminarians every year.

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