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Persecuted but never Forgotten

The human face of Christian persecution, Syria

The human face of Christian persecution, Syria

Persecuted but  Never Forgotten - ACN's summary publication on worldwide persecution of Christians, 2014

'Persecuted but Never Forgotten' is intended as a readable and concise summary of the key points and concerns raised in our internationally respected publication, Persecuted and Forgotten? A Report on Christians oppressed for their Faith 2011-2013, as well as a call to 'prayer-action'.

The research which underpins this booklet is drawn from reliable and trustworthy sources. Along with direct testimony, it helps to open our eyes to the daily reality for millions of Christians today and underlines the need for prayerful solidarity.

Download button red Download the full Persecuted but never Forgotten booklet (This is a 23MB PDF file)

(PLEASE NOTE: because of the cases and images used, we have set a readership guide of 15yrs+ for this publication)

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