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ACN Westminster event 2016

Thank you for joining ACN for our annual Westminster event on the Saturday15th October 2016. Your solidarity and acts of mercy help and support our suffering Brothers and Sisters.

It was fantastic to have so many of you attend and listen to our speakers who discussed project updates from areas such as the Middle East, as well as the reality of persecuted and suffering Christians around the world.

Guest speakers included:

Sister Annie Demerjian of Aleppo who is providing emergency help in areas worst-affected by violence and acute poverty. Sister Annie leads a team of volunteers who go house-to-house, providing food, shelter and medicine at great risk to their safety.




Archbishop Sebastian Shaw of Lahore who is head of the largest Catholic dioceses in Pakistan. He led the Church's response to the Easter Day 2016 Lahore Massacre and other atrocities affecting both Christians and other minorities.





Jacques el-Kallasi, General Manager of Christian TV station “Tele Lumiere” and Chairman of "Noursat" since 2003.







There were also talks from:

John Pontifex, ACN's UK Head of Press and Information, who spoke about the forthcoming international report; Religious Freedom in the World.

Patricia Hatton, ACN's UK Head of Fundraising and Marketing, discussed our upcoming events, Red Wednesday and Shine a Light campaign.

Dr Caroline Hull, ACN's North West Manager, who reported back and shared experiences on the recent ACN project trip to the Kurdish Region of Iraq.

His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols Westminster talk 2016 


Archbishop Sebastian Shaw's Westminster talk 2016 


Dr Caroline Hull's Westminster Talk 2016


Jacques Kallassi's Westminster talk 2016 


Sister Annie Demerjian's Westminster talk 2016 



John Pontifex's Westminster talk 2016 


Patrica Hatton's Westminster talk 2016 

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